vrijdag 16 januari 2015

OCollab Shop-O-Holic

This months Ocollab, Shop-O-Holic  has shopping, the favorite pass time of many women. Not mine anymore but I found an awesome quote in the kit, made a Google search on "cat walk"  and found this awesome photo from the Aw10 show from  Vilsbøl de Arce

The preview:

Collaboration Designers: Kitty Designs, Charlize Creations, Studio Romy, ninigoesdigi, Jopke Designs, Sue Cummings, TaylorMade Designs, and Laitha's Designs

I made sevral layers, Used the cutout filter and The watercolor filter, used hard light on a untreated layer. Then I made a group and made a black mask (fill the white mask with black or alt click on the mask icon on the layers palette) and painted it back with a watercolor brush on a low density

The collab is available Here


donderdag 15 januari 2015

A challenge with a freebie!

Val c Has a new Be Inspired Challenge!  This is the challenge:
1-Mix 2 kits on your Layout (no less, no more) - here I call "kit" everything which is sold independently. Ie: an alpha sold as a pack fulfill the "kit idea" required. So feel free to use MiniO for ex. or elements pack... all the Creative Box product are entitled for this definition. If you have doubt... please ask!

2-The LO MUST have only 1 photo AND The photo may not be blended.

3-The LO must have at least 3 arrows (you can do your own, doodle, cut out of paper, ... from element/paper of the kit of your choice in 1.

4-The LO must have a few line of journaling.

She also gives a freebie away. This It all started add on is only free during the challenge;

I made this lay out

Combination Of Art Book My star  and


Val c has a new kit!

It all Started,/h2.

That's the name of Val C's latest kit. A cool color palette with an emphasis on new Year. It's available at Oscraps here. A preview: 

I made this lay out with it. It was well received, a GSO at Oscraps and DST

The next one I already showed in my previous post:


woensdag 14 januari 2015

The First Oscraps January challenges

I have already made two pages for the challenges

Webspiration Challenge

Chris searched the internet for an inspirational picture. You can find the challenge here

I made this lay out.

The color of that cute tram is not its original, I recolored it with Hue/ saturation adjustment layer  made for our awesome webInspiration Challeng

Miscl Challenge

Veer dared us to use frames but not around the photos. I made this photoless page with some good resolutions. I used the latest release from Val C, it all started
Previews will be in my next post.

Val C designs, It All started


donderdag 1 januari 2015

2 lay outs

Sometimes you see a photo that you like som much that you want to play with it

Photo  ANP

Anna Aspnes

Or an oldie you want to do more with it

I don't know how i get the photo into a pic, but I know that my layer with a skin color was essential(howevre it didn't work with sven) But some watercolor filters and some gruoping and reverse masking makes an awesome painting like picture!

Jopke DFesigns
Anna Aspnes


dinsdag 30 december 2014

Happy new year!

I know, I have to post more regularly but some times i forget to post here. But I'm still creating

Made with Vicky Vicki Stegall Designs freebie Break Out The Bubbly http://www.oscraps.com/shop/product.php?productid=10011764