dinsdag 26 augustus 2014

Art Books Under The rain en Freedom

2 some what older kits of val are Art book Freedom (the one I got my first GSO ever :) ) and Art book Under the Rain. two (as always) versatile kits which made me artsy.

Art Book Freedom  

Is available on Oscraps 
 I made 2 lay outs with it

This selfie was edited by a layer with Glowing edges filter  and a layer with Posterizing filter. I grouped the layers and made a black layer mask. With a watercolor brush I got my selfie back

Art Book Under The Rain

Is here available
I made this two lay outs with it

I thought that I was very original and creative with this one. Until I visited Flickr to search for a photo for my next lay out..

I live in a coastal place with much wind. So after every rain splash you see broken umbrella's in ash trays..
Photo by Angelique Kerkhofs


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