maandag 1 september 2014

My August challenge lay outs

I want to show you the lay outs I made for our awesome challenges. It's late I want to go to bed, so more details tomorrow. Unfortunately Iam late with this topic so no links to the challenges

Multiple Designer template

The challenge was to use 6 or more ODesigners and do something with "sunshine". A great opportunity to use Ollies trying to climb my Weed Tree. 

July Mini o's
Design by Tina: Home papers Mini O 
Dido designs  All about Flowers 

Vicky Stegall 52 weeks 2014 week 28 (paper)

Anna aspnes


Use 2 colors of the color scheme. The scheme reminded me of the February MiniO's  so it became multi designer 2 :)

Val C designs Art book Snap it  
 Paula Kesselring  Be Inspired {Brushes}
Design by Tina Second Chances 
                   and A Creative Mess 

Copycat challenge

That's our monthly template challenge. This time a lay out of Geekgirl aka Tracy Martin was used

Made with 
LJS Digital Designs Spring Break 
Val C Designs (collab with Pink Reptile Designs) Life is Good 
Template created by Timounette

The typography Challenge

We had to use contrast in our word art. This page is made the day after I heard that Rafa wouldn't participate in the US Open. I was sad and as scrap therapy I started playing with my latest filter and A old kit from Val C that I had downloaded for another use The photos are from Internet Nadalnews,com

Played with my new filters Digitalizer from AlphaPlugins and Postworkshop

Val C 


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