maandag 20 oktober 2014

2 Challenges, 3 lay outs

I already finished two Ochallenges, The copy cat and the color

 The Copy Cat Challenge

 You find it here Timounette made a template based on a lay out of a member (this time Angela)

I made this 2 lay outs

I rotated the template 90 degrees CW, clipped the photos. I tried a multi paper approach but that became a mess. I put the elements on its place and made with a rounded custom shape a work path to made a text path I made a whole group from the template(minus back ground) because I want add something extra. That extra became a blended photo

I duplicated my photo tree times. The bottom one got a layer mask (Alt- click for a black lm), I painted the photo "back" and set it on screen, the middle one I clipped to a Anna Aspnes clipping mask (also on Screen) and the top one i clipped to the merged blocks (lin dogde0. I duplicated that one and applied a Acrylic style on it(made by myself, taken from a the layer book of Matt Klokovski). 
Because it was part of a spread I used the same elements in this lay out

TaylorMade designs
Anna Aspnes Designs (only the second lay out)

 The color challenge

. Simple assignment: make a lay out with the of the given colors. you find it here

I saw that the yellow was exactly the colors from the Mini O from Designs by tina. Then I became in a kind of flow and got carried away used so many stuff, To much to link it here but you can see the credits here


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