dinsdag 21 oktober 2014

Changes with Vibrant Autumn, a 2014 Oscraps Collab

Every month there is a release of an collab. This time a autumn themed kit. Also we have a collaboration challenge which you can find here.

The challenge was to scrap about a change and to use at least one fall color. I 'm busy composing my yearly scrap album and discovered a lack of Effen scraps. I remembered this oldie from 2011(not difficult at all because it hangs on my wall)

You really see she is the big sister of pieper.  I blended some papers of Vibrant autumn using a layer mask to get the photo clear. I also used a hue/ saturation adjustment layer to get more saturation in the eye. I filled the adj mask with black and painted the eyes back with white
I made a smart object of the frame and Photo, Ctr clicked it and made a work path (right click)


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