zaterdag 7 september 2013

Special summer event on the o

In the beginning of august Oscraps had a special Ovent. That meant games, special offers and..awesome challenges. I actually won some lovely prizes (coupons from maja de Groot and jopke)

I presented one of the 3 in my previous post so here the last ones..

The lemonade challenge was a funny name for a make over challenge. This was one of my first entries in an Oscrap challenges. I run out of freebies and i hadn't bought very much stuff. I wasn't entirely happy with the result.

A year later my HD explodes from the Oscrap goodies...and my ct for val also helps..So i choose a dark paper wich colored great with Effens dark brown fur and changed some elements.

The BBQ challenge was a recipe challenge. I made this lay out

Sue Cummings gave this freebie away and i wanted to make it fit with the previous one


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