zaterdag 7 september 2013

The Oscraps augustus challenges

After the awesome time as Anna guest I felt a bit overwhelmed. I tried to make 4 challenges but i didn't have enough time. TracyMartin, another great O designer had her spotlight design challenges which i wanted to participate because i wanted to create some thing with her Serenpidity kit. This i made for the challenge (a recipe one) an overview of the great day on the Meuse with "Anders Bekeken"

Credits:Tracy Martin Serendipity and Animal Crackers

I love the fact that Animal Crackers contained a beaver, the symbol of the Biesbos a famous Dutch Natonal Park. Unfortunately my battery was empty when i actually was in the Biesbos but fortunately i saw much interesting brigdes, cranes and buildings on the bank of the Meuse

I wanted to make a spread for my 2013 photo book. I used the template Timourette made..(for the copy cat challenge) She is one of the pontiffs of clean scrapping(some of the genes I didn't heritage from my French great grand mother?) 

The next one was part of a special event at O scraps, summer fest. The challenge was to make a scrap from AL fresco dining aka eating outside..I only have some pictures from a Sterhuis BBQ. I used my O scraps collab coupon to buy the awesome Tango kit and made this one. BTW I looove sunflowers

The august typography challenge was to make some textblocks. i wanted for the book which isn't ordered because there is no interesting offer from Hema. Abelli or Appi H

 Credits see My gallery at the o!


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